Tell the Pennsylvania DEP to temporarily halt operations at the Shell Plastics Plant

November 15, 2023, marks one year of operations at this facility. In just one year of operations the facility has received 13 notice of violations from your agency and reported at least 22 malfunctions. From 2022 to now the facility has reported at least 53 malfunctions and over the past year of operations and 5 years of construction the PADEP has given Shell 24 Notice of Violations.

Since coming online the Shell plant has violated 12 month emission limits for CO, NOx and VOCs and violated the prohibition on certain "visible emissions," including black smoke from flares. 

Shell's illegal pollution and significant flaring events pose an unacceptable risk to workers and the communities living near the Shell Polymers Monaca Plant.

Join us in calling on the Pennsylvania DEP to meet with community members and allies and halt operations at the plant!


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