Reject the Proposed Ambler Road; Protect the Heart of Alaska

A foreign mining company and an Alaska economic development agency want the U.S. Department of Interior to approve a 200-mile private industrial mining road across pristine public lands in Alaska’s Brooks Range. The road would cut through the Gates of the Arctic National Preserve, harm one of the greatest caribou herds left on Earth, and bulldoze a route through nearly 3,000 streams. The project is opposed by many Alaska Native communities and Tribes in the region, who rely on the salmon, sheefish, and caribou.  

Add your name to this petition and urge the Secretary of Interior to revoke the permits for the proposed Ambler mining road. 

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Our Petition

To: Deb Haaland, United States Secretary of the Interior

We, the undersigned, urgently call upon you to safeguard the heart of Alaska by revoking the permits for the Ambler Industrial Access Road.

Reasons for our plea:

  • The Ambler Road, as proposed, would have a devastating and irreversible impact on Alaska's treasured Brooks Range.
  • This 211-mile private industrial corridor threatens vital habitats, including the critical Arctic caribou regions, essential salmon and sheefish spawning areas, and the pristine Gates of the Arctic National Preserve.
  • Beyond environmental concerns, this vast mining project poses a direct threat to the livelihoods of over 40 communities. These communities rely heavily on resources such as the Western Arctic Caribou Herd and the bountiful Kobuk and Koyukuk fisheries.
  • The voice of local residents is unequivocal: they seek the protection of their communities and the assurance of long-term sustainability of the region's fish, pure water, and diverse wildlife.

We firmly urge the Biden administration and the Department of the Interior to champion the defense of the Brooks Range.

We beseech you, for the sake of Alaska's unique ecosystems and the communities that rely upon them, to revoke the permits for the proposed Ambler road.

Thank you for your consideration.

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